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First Responder Grant Program

What is this?

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine released a $75 million dollar grant for First Responder Health and Wellness.  Ohio Strength – CrossFit Italian Village is a participant in this grant program, and we can get your FULL MEMBERSHIP related costs covered for up to two years (i.e. free training for you at our gym)!

Time is limited–Grant applications are due June 17th

Who is eligible? Police, Fire, EMS and Dispatch

What is the catch or risk? Nothing!

This grant is fully approved by the state to cover all costs.  We are an accredited facility for this special program.

To better equip our coaches in coaching these important athletes who deal with secondary trauma for a living, our coaches will all have obtained a certificate of completion from our Trauma Sensitive Athlete Centered training. CrossFit wants to ensure this special demographic receives not only skills learned through the Level 1 Coaching Seminar but also through this course due to the mental health needs of first responders. 

This training empowers coaches to effectively coach athletes who have been through trauma without triggering past trauma through subtle cues, language, and general awareness techniques. Our coaches have an increased understanding of what trauma, stress and family and work structure does to the brain in early childhood development as well as throughout adulthood. They know how to use subtle athlete-centered coaching techniques and language with at risk athletes or trauma-unknown athletes (general members). 

How do I sign up or get my co-workers and department involved?

We are actively building a list of participants.  If you want to be included on that list, click the “Learn More” button below to submit your contact information ASAP–the deadline is fast approaching.

Ryan McFadyen, Owner

Call/Text – 614-328-5544

Email – ryan@ohiostrength.com

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