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2 New 14′ Massive Ceiling Fans!

Day 2 of exciting announcements of new amenities at Ohio Strength!

We are adding 2x 14 Foot High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) ceiling fans to our main training space (like Big Ass Fans).

These are massive, high-tech, quiet, energy efficient fans which move a ton of air.

Benefits of these huge and awesome fans:

a) the room will feel up to *10-*15 cooler during the hot summer months and will feel less humid (less humidity on our metal surfaces is good for the equipment, too).

b) in the winter time, the fans move the hot air that is trapped in the high ceilings back down to create more even and comfortable temperature throughout the space and could reduce our heating energy consumption by up to 30% making us more environmentally friendly.

c) these types of ceiling fans have been highly recommended for high ceiling spaces like ours in these Covid times in order to help to pull and disperse respiratory droplets up and away from people.

These fans should be a big win for comfort, energy efficiency, Covid airflow improvement and reducing the ambient noise of the less efficient and loud floor fans.

We’re hoping to have these operational some time in September. Book a class today to check out everything that we do and soon you will be able to experience this optimized air flow! https://ohiostrength.com/more-info/#pricing

We shopped around several different companies when we were considering these fans. Giving our electrical capacity and size of space, the rep from Hunter Industrial Fans made us feel the best about going with them.

You can check out fans from Hunter Industrial at this link: https://www.hunterfan.com/pages/industrial-products-eco


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