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New FloWater Cooler!

Hey Fit Fam,

We’re stepping up our water cooler game!

We’ve always had a filtered water cooler but this one is truly next level for a place like ours that is focused on optimizing health and performance. So what is it, and why am I so excited about a water cooler?

7 stages of filtration and enhancement of FLOW water – this thing is amazing and is also another great step toward improving our Covid sanitation practices.

– SEDIMENT FILTER – Catches dirt, dust and solid impurities

– CARBON FILTER – Removes smaller particles, odor and unpleasant taste

– ADVANCED OSMOSIS FILTER – AO filter removes remaining contaminants like fluoride, bacteria, lead, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, and dissolved solids. This filter sets the new standard in premium water purification, and is 5x more efficient than anything else on the market.

– ACTIVATED OXYGEN – The multi-functional fourth filter adds small amounts of activated oxygen (O3) to the water. Activated oxygen sanitizes the tanks and internal system by using a naturally occurring molecule to remove impurities, which is formed when the third oxygen atom is introduced to O2 (oxygen). O3 also increases the oxygen in the water that’s available for your blood and muscles, and, it helps improve the taste of the water.

– ALKALINE FILTER – alkaline filter adds a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals to the water, raising the pH level of the water coming from your tap. Higher pH levels can help neutralize acidity in your body (which is caused by daily factors like an unbalanced diet, environmental impurities, and stress). By neutralizing acidity, you relieve some of the stress on your internal organs (which must work extra hard to get rid of acid).

– ELECTROLYTE ENHANCEMENT – Electrolytes are essential in supporting healthy body functions like immune defense, cell repair, and bone strength. The four main electrolytes in FloWater (magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium) are the same electrolytes found in sports drinks, coconut water and brand name bottled water. Drinking electrolyte water helps keep you hydrated and energized.

– COCONUT CARBON FILTER – This unique seventh filter finishes the FloWater purification process with elements that come directly from nature. It’s made of real coconut husks, and is one of the reasons FloWater tastes so great. Coconut husks are highly efficient at capturing and absorbing tiny particles of contaminants, as well as removing odors and taste – this filter is another reason FloWater always tastes crisp, fresh, and perfectly clean when you drink it.his cooler will keep the water at 42* vs the current one which is at room temperature

– It will be “touchless” with a foot pedal for operation

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– Check out this youtube video for more info on the FloWater cooler:

Learn more about FloWater at https://www.drinkflowater.com/

Yours In Health


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