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What “RX” REALLY means! 

Hey OS Fam!

This is email / post #7 in our series introducing you to The Level Method.  CLICK HERE to start from email / post #1 to read through the whole series and get the DL on everything you need to know.

You’ve probably heard it — Rx … “did you rx that workout?!”

But, what is the Rx? You may know, it stands for “PRESCRIBED” — just like a drug. 

But what is being prescribed? The weight? Or the stimulus? Because they are two VERY different things. 

Weight is OBJECTIVE — it’s outside of you. 95lbs. Stimulus, on the other hand, is all about what’s happening INSIDE OF YOU! 

When we think of “the Rx” we should be thinking about the stimulus.

We should ask: is the workout delivering the INTENDED STIMULUS? 

If you went to the Doctor and she gave the exact same dose to everyone, would that make sense? Of course not! 

Each person needs their own prescription… 

As an example, say you were going to do the workout “Cindy” 

The workout is:
20 min AMRAP 

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 air squats 

Person A can do 10 rounds of this workout. Pull-ups are very tough. And it takes a while. 

Person B can do 30 rounds, they are so fit that they’re basically going as fast as they can move. 

Now — is this the same workout? Well, from the outside it looks to be… but INSIDE the body, it’s very different. 

For the first person it’s basically a strength workout. For the second, it’s cardio. 

With the Level Method, we go after STIMULUS! We can deliver you a PERSONAL, customized workout so you get better, faster! 🚀

You will get exactly the right dose for you! 

By assessing your current fitness and using those levels to adjust movements in your workouts, you are getting your REAL RX. 

You are also doing workouts at a level that will ensure safety and FASTER results. 

Now, competition is a different story altogether, and a topic for another day 🙂

Keep up the great work and keep leveling up! 

Our next email is the 2nd to last email of The Level Method Welcome Series! 

Talk soon!

Ryan & The Ohio Strength Team

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