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Ohio Strength - Home of CrossFit Italian Village - Team & Story

Learn about our team & story – we are here to help you achieve your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals!

Ryan McFadyen owner of Ohio Strength - Home of CrossFit Italian Village
Our Founder

Ryan McFadyen

Growing up, Ryan participated in many sports-gymnastics, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, rowing, and track. He focused on football and track in high school.  Then he rowed crew at The Ohio State University. During his undergrad studies, he was also proud to be a part of the three-man team that won the 2008 American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiology Quiz Bowl. After college graduation, Ryan was looking for something to fill the void that collegiate sports left behind. He was drawn to the competitive, yet supportive, team-like environment found in the CrossFit gym. He fell in love with the culture and decided to dedicate his life to helping people of all ages and backgrounds find a fun and sustainable way to improve their health & fitness via proven methods of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle optimization . “The discovery of CrossFit brought my passion, experience, and education together into what is now Ohio Strength.” “Ohio Strength has been helping clients for over 10 years–we’ve had the opportunity to really figure out who we want to be as coaches and as a gym community. We’ve learned that life is so much bigger than simply being competitive in CrossFit. We’ve seen marriages, births, job changes, and dealt with the loss of loved ones together as a fitness community. We support each other to lead productive and healthy lives through the coaching of balanced and active lifestyles that include great nutrition, fun and effective workouts, and sustainable habits outside of the gym, as well. When someone joins Ohio Strength, we want them to be a member for life, and we keep that in mind every day as we strive to foster deep and meaningful relationships, deliver incredible fitness results and focus on continuous improvement of our offerings. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to meet with you to help you navigate your own fitness journey for years to come!”  When Ryan is not working or working out at Ohio Strength, he mentors other gym owners all over the world as a certified business coach and mentor for Two Brain Business, helps people buy and sell real estate in Central Ohio as a licensed realtor, and invests in his own short-term and long-term rental properties.  He enjoys spending his free time relaxing, adventuring, traveling, eating and reading with his loving wife Lacey, his twin sons Maverick & Cooper and his rescue pitbulls Murph & Grace.


Bachelor of Science in Education: Exercise Science Education, Nutrition minor

Master of Business Administration

Two Brain Business Certified Business Coach & Mentor

CrossFit Level 1, 2, 3 (CCFT), Judges Course, Scaling Course, Athlete Centered Mental Health Seminar

The Gymnastic Course Level 1 Trainer Certification

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

Sports Nutritionist, ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition)

Licensed Massage Therapist

RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Prokreate – Pre and Postnatal Strength Seminar

Red Cross CPR and AED.

Our Team & Story

Rebecca Nguyen

Master of Science in Exercise Science
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED

Rebecca’s early athletic journey was defined by dance. She was a bunhead, living, eating, and breathing ballet. The commitment to performance and perfection contributed to an unhealthy relationship with food and body dysmorphia. After being forced to quit for health reasons, she felt lost. “Ballet was my identity,” Rebecca explains, “Losing it left me depressed, and I needed something to fill the void.” Rebecca started going to step aerobics at a local gym. Because step aerobics had choreography, it felt a little like dance. This was her gateway to the gym and blossomed into other types of training.

Believing it to be high-risk for injury, Rebecca was resistant to CrossFit for years. “I had no interest or intention of doing it. But over the years, I realized my own workouts were trending in that direction.” When owner Ryan McFadyen offered a generous free trial period in late 2018, Rebecca gave it a shot. After the fundamentals classes, she was completely hooked. “Any activity can put a participant at risk for injury. CrossFit gets a lot of publicity, both good and bad. However, the comprehensive focus on fitness and appropriate exercise modifications make it safe and effective for all populations. I’m in love with CrossFit and being part of this gym family.” Rebecca thrives on supporting members through their fitness journey at Ohio Strength and can’t wait to see you there!

Lindsay Romaniw

Bachelors Degree
CrossFit Level 1
Red Cross CPR and AED
Lindsay has been a dedicated member of Ohio Strength since February 2016. After one drop in class she knew this was the fitness program for her. Her favorite thing about CrossFit is that everyone gets to do their own version of “hard” and everyone always has something to work on. It’s less about comparing yourself to others and more about being the best athlete YOU can be (although a little friendly competition is fun, too). Prior to CrossFit, Lindsay was an avid runner and has raced 4 half marathons and more 5ks than she can count. Despite major life changes and mental health struggles over the last six years, Lindsay has found consistency and community at Ohio Strength. She is excited to bring her years of experience and passion for CrossFit to members and to help them achieve their goals!
Ellen Onders coach at Ohio Strength - Home of CrossFit Italian Village

Ellen Onders

Bachelors Degree
Crossfit Level 1
CPR and AED certified

Ellen grew up in a family of runners, which is where her fitness journey began. From a young age she was attending road races, cross country meets, and marathons, to watch her mom and sisters race. Naturally, she followed suit and became a distance runner herself, running her first full marathon in 2014. Since then, Ellen has completed 5 full marathons and numerous halves, but says she had always been secretly curious about CrossFit. In 2019 Ellen joined Ohio Strength after being encouraged by her boyfriend who wanted her to meet his “gym friends.”

After a couple months, Ellen was hooked and realized that almost all her preconceived notions about CrossFit were wrong, “I wish I hadn’t been intimidated for so long, everyone is just there to have fun and get better, whatever that means for them.” Ellen has seen huge improvement in her athletic ability in her 2 years as a member, which she credits to the variety in the programming and the community. “I finally found a community of like-minded people who want to get better and want to see me get better too. It’s really motivating to be surrounded by that. I’m excited to be a part of the coaching staff and create an even better experience for the next member.”

Nicholas Hagerman

Bachelor of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
CrossFit Level 1 & 2
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
The Gymnastic Course Level 1 Trainer Certification

Nicholas has had a lifelong passion for physical fitness and helping people in all stages of their lives. He grew up playing Ice Hockey and Soccer, which would continue to be his passions as he got older. Nicholas played soccer at Columbus State, and would eventually dedicate most of his time to Hockey as he progressed through his early 20’s. 

HIs passion for helping people would lead him to a career as an Army Medic in which he proudly served from 2011 – 2019 before being Medically Separated as a Staff Sergeant with a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). While serving, Nicholas was a starting defenseman for the U.S. Army Alaska hockey team for 5 years, beating the Air Force 3 times for the Commanders Cup. 

Nicholas graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2019 with a Bachelor of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Also in 2019, he accepted a job in Columbus and entered the business world in sales following his separation. Realizing something was still missing and battling with Mental Health struggles of readjusting to the civilian world, he reached out to an old friend who introduced him to the local Adult Hockey League where Nicholas has been playing since late 2019 and attributes that moment as a healing point. Some of his greatest friends have been made through that community and those connections have helped him and his partner tremendously in their lives. 

After seeing the power of years of training weightlifting and powerlifting to help with his Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), Nicholas decided that he wanted to begin coaching other people on healthy lifestyles and fitness. He and his partner are married, residing in
Columbus with two dogs and a cat!

Brandon Main

Bachelor of Exercise Science
CrossFit Level 1
The Gymnastic Course Level 1 Trainer Certification

Brandon grew up participating in a variety of sports–everything from karate to golf.  In high school he chose to focus on golf while picking up track & field during his last two years. Golf has always played a significant role in his life and he would go on to be a part of the Mount Vernon Nazarene University golf team for all four years. His time in track & field is where his interest in fitness expanded to become his eventual major in Exercise Science at MVNU. During his time at MVNU he expanded the golf team’s normal off-season training program to improve the athleticism of the whole team. CrossFit became so appealing to Brandon because of the similarities to his career in golf–the love of competing against others, while realizing that the true challenge is not really against everyone else–it’s with yourself and the workout (or course in golf). 

David DiLustro

Doctor of Pharmacy
Registered Pharmacist
CrossFit Level 1
Red Cross Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers Certified 

David’s CrossFit journey began back in 2014 when he moved to Washington, DC after graduating from pharmacy school.  Walking by the local CrossFit box every day on his way to the globo gym, he was intrigued by the energy and comradery on display.  After a one week trial he was hooked.  Nothing had matched the atmosphere, intensity and community of the hockey and lacrosse teams he grew up playing on until then.  David moved to Columbus in 2022 and immediately joined Ohio Strength after reading the positive member reviews.  In addition to functional fitness, David has a penchant for endurance sports like long distance running and triathlons.  As a pharmacist, he is incredibly passionate about wellness. He strives to unlock better health through nutrition, supplementation and self improvement tools.     

Phil Lafleur coach at Ohio Strength - Home of CrossFit Italian Village

Phil Lafleur

Bachelors Degree
CrossFit Level 1

Phil has had a lifelong passion for physical fitness. Starting at a young age, he participated in football, basketball, and baseball. In high school, his involvement shifted to football, lacrosse, and track & field. Opting against playing football in college, Phil still maintained a strict daily physical fitness routine after his high school sports career ended.

Phil found CrossFit in late 2018 and was immediately hooked. The challenges, growth, and positive community atmosphere experienced on a daily basis at Ohio Strength was something he had been searching for since graduating from the University of Dayton in 2017. After a few years in the corporate world, Phil decided to take a sabbatical from his job as a technology consultant in late 2020 to explore a career in the fitness industry. He felt helping people improve their physical and mental health would be a more fulfilling venture, specifically through the methodologies of CrossFit and functional fitness.

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