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Jobs & Hiring - Ohio Strength is seeking Coach Intern Applicants!

If interested please submit a video of less than 5 minutes to ryan@ohiostrength.com noting the following


  1. What does great fitness coaching look like to you?
  2. Why do you want to be a coach at Ohio Strength?
  3. Why would someone want you to be their coach?
  4. What are the strengths that you bring to the role?
  5. What opportunities would you have to make Ohio Strength better?
  6. What challenges would you have?


Part-Time coaches at Ohio Strength start at $20 per hour for coaching group classes—opportunities for advancement based upon performance and experience with additional compensation for private sessions or other roles and tasks.
We work when other people are off of work. So you have to be available for some combination of early morning, evenings or around our 1p afternoon class, and we rotate weekends.
While the production quality of your video is not as important as the content of your video, consideration will be given to how much time and effort was put into the quality of the answers and the overall submission.
Not sure if it’s right for you or want to learn more? Just ask!