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YOUR Overall Level and the Most Powerful RULE of the Level Method. 

Hey OS Fam!

This is email / post #4 in our series introducing you to The Level Method.  CLICK HERE to start from email / post #1 to read through the whole series and get the DL on everything you need to know.

On to today’s info:

The Level Method helps you become a better version of yourself by shining a LIGHT 💡on weak areas!

You’ll be able to improve and become more well-rounded because it provides incredible insight. 

The most important thing is that YOU are improving, but it’s easy in a group CrossFit class to let the ego take control. 

In order to improve as fast and safely as possible, it’s best to set the ego aside. 

Ignore what everyone else is doing, focus on the work at hand — on YOUR very next step. 

How Your Overall Level is calculated:

In real life, weaknesses hold us back. 

It doesn’t matter how fast you can read words if you don’t understand the language. 🈳

Or how fast you can run a mile, if you’re dangling from a cliff and can’t pull yourself up. 

In the Level Method, your Overall Level is based on your weaknesses, just like in life. 

Your Overall Level is calculated using the RULE OF 2’s. 

It’s simple: take your two lowest level categories, apply two “stripes” to each of them, then look for your lowest category level, and that’s your Overall level. You may have some levels in BLUE and PURPLE, but have an Overall Level of YELLOW or ORANGE because of your weaknesses.

FAQ / Example – what if my deadlift is really strong but my running time is slower?  Does that mean I have to use my lower overall level color when determining what kind of weights to use on my deadlift?  The answer is no.  The overall level is just a ranking system or belt system like martial arts, but you will still use each individual category level when determining what level you should train at for each specific component within a workout.  The Chalk It workout app will tell you which categories you are in for each component, each day.  So you don’t need to memorize anything.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually even more streamlined than how we normally think through modifying a workout up or down for each individual (as long as everyone has completed their assessments and knows their levels)!

The good news–Work on those weaknesses and your Overall Level will improve quickly. 

In our next email, we’ll be covering REAL STRENGTH — and some nerdy science stuff 🤓 — we’ll keep it brief! 🙂 

Yours in Health, 
Ryan & The Ohio Strength Team

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